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British Paradigm Stands Exposed: Let the World Freely Debate the Merits of the Two Systems!

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From EIR Daily Alert

EIRNS—That the public spotlight is now shining on British intelligence’s attempted rigging of the 2016 U.S. election, and continuing operations to destroy the Trump Presidency, “is big!” and not just for the United States, Schiller Institute founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche declared in her weekly webcast today. The British Foreign Office stepping in to defend Christopher Steele, the revelations pinpointing of the role of former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove in directing Steele’s operation, have made the role of the British government itself in this coup a subject of investigation. “Did British Intelligence Try To Destroy the Trump Presidency?” was the question asked yesterday on respected retired Defense Intelligence Agency Col. Pat Lang’s well-read weblog “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” by a regular contributor who writes under the pseudonym of “Publius Tacitus,” she reported.

This, as a new text message between the FBI Page-Strzok lovers surfaced naming Barack Obama as eager to know “everything” about what they were doing. The revelations are “clearly reaching dimensions which go far, far beyond Watergate,” in Zepp-LaRouche’s evaluation.

“This is not just the attempt of a coup against the United States,” Zepp-LaRouche emphasized. Steele controller Dearlove wrote the famous dossier which provided the excuse for the U.S. attack on Iraq in the Second Gulf War. This is about “a paradigm of policies which have led to the present condition in the world, including the destruction of much of Southwest Asia, including the refugee crisis. So these are not small things, and I think it is high time that this whole paradigm should come out in the open and be replaced by a completely different policy....

“The more people can do, to get the public attention on what is going on in this absolutely gigantic fight in the United States, the better,” she urged. These spooks shy away from daylight, and the more the Sun shines on them, the better.

Zepp-LaRouche pointed also to the clear, internationally coordinated attack on China and the New Silk Road launched in recent weeks, citing reports warning of the China “threat” issued from Australia to Germany and the United States. She then added, smiling:

“If it wouldn’t have such severe strategic consequences, it’s almost amusing! ... That the Greek Prime Minister Tsipras attended the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing [in May 2017] and praised China and the New Silk Road! What a crime! Or, that President Zeman of the Czech Republic invited Xi Jinping for a state visit—what a crime! Or that the 16+1 Central and Eastern European Countries are very happy to cooperate with the New Silk Road, because it provides them with the kind of infrastructure investment which the European Union did not provide. And then, they say that the Chinese policy of the New Silk Road puts into question the fundamental assumptions about the role of Europe on the world stage—well”—she laughed—“I mean, I really couldn’t help smiling because it is true! China is offering a different system.”

Zepp-LaRouche suggested the time has come for people to speak up. “Here is a strategic initiative which, if it would be accepted by the United States and by European nations, you would have a platform for peace! If you have a win-win cooperation on a global scale, that is the way how we can create a platform for a peace and security doctrine for the 21st century. And I think that needs more debate and I would hope there are more people speaking out.... We need a real, international discourse about the different models of policy, and they should be done in a democratic, free spirit, where people can say what they think according to the First Amendment of the American Constitution, and you should have a free dialogue about what are the merits of which system; and I think that that would be very healthy for the whole world,” she proposed.